Plant Details

Scientific Name: Rhodosphaera rhodanthema
  • Common Name: Deep yellowwood
  • Type: Tree
  • Size: 20 metres
  • Flowers: Large Terminal panicles, red/pink.
  • Fruit: Brown globular.
  • Vegetation Type: Rainforest,
  • Species List: Kin Kin Scrub, Kin Kin Arboretum, Heritage Park, Regional Ecosystem 12.8.13. Regional Ecosystem 12.9-10.16. Regional Ecosystem 12.9-10.16x1.

Identification Notes

Tree to 20 m high with brown to grey scaly Bark; Branchlets with reddish lenticels.

Leaves mostly 8–20 cm long; leaflets 3–11, oblong-Ovate to narrow-Elliptic, 3–10 cm long, 10–25 mm wide, apex short-Acuminate, base Obtuse, asymmetric with midvein curved, both surfaces ± Glabrous except for small red-brown hairy Domatia on lower surface; Petiole 3–8 cm long, petiolules 3–5 mm long

Flowers: Panicles mostly 10–20 cm long; pedicels 1–2 mm long, bracteate. Sepals 1.8–2 mm long. Petals c. 3 mm long, pinkish red.

Fruit::Drupe ± Globose, 8–11 mm diam., glossy brown; clusters remain on the Plant for many months. (Plant-NET)

Landscaping Notes

Noosa Council Preferred Species list . Successfully propagated by Noosa & District Landcare. 

Prefers moist well-drained position. Hardy, suitable for inland situations. 

Indoor pot Plant potential.

Successfully propagated by Tin Can Bay City Farm Nursery.

Successfully propagated by Florabunda Bushcare nursery, Woombye

Successfully propagated by Mooloolah Native Nursery

Successfully propagated by Barung Landcare

  • Rhodosphaera rhodanthema
  • Rhodosphaera rhodanthema
  • Rhodosphaera rhodanthema
  • Rhodosphaera rhodanthema
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